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MEGA S.A. is the company specialising in complex execution of general and industrial constructions, public facilities, apartments and power engineering works in full of voltage range. We are providing projects in the General Contractor system with using our own technical potential. We have modern specialist equipment and our own production and transport base. It allows us to execute all tasks with maintain of quality, costs and agreed term. MEGA S.A. provides employment to 178 employees.


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History of MEGA S.A (Franciszek Szulist, Jerzy Szulist, Andrzej Szulist)


Company tradition goes back to 1937 when Franciszek Szulist, father of the present company's owner, founded a power engineering company. Initially a few workers were employed who provided public services and realised orders from other companies. The war put an end to the company's development. After the war, Franciszek Szulist specialised in electrical works as a member of Cech Rzemiosł Różnych (a guild). In 1966, his son Jerzy took over the business from his father. In the 1980s, MEGA started to develop dynamically. In 1992 equipment and transport base was bought from former Energoblok - Wybrzeże along with 150 employees. A small industrial plant has developed into a company employing at the greatest stage of its development about 800 workers. At present, the company is managed by the third generation of the family.


Picture of MEGA S.A. board members

   MEGA S.A.      |      ul. Hutnicza 42, 81-061 Gdynia, Poland      |     |      T: +48 58 667 19 00, F: +48 58 667 18 88