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Special constructions

MEGA S.A. keeps the highest standards relating to the implementation of special constructions for the military. The Company has a division of classified information protection and fulfills the requirements for performing projects which constitute state secret in accordance with the Act of January, 22nd 1999 (Legislation Journal No.196, item 1631 from 2005) on the protection of classified information. The ability to assure the protection of  classified state information up to “secret” classification level is confirmed by Certificate of the Industrial Safety second degree No. 25/II-24/T/OBP/2006 valid to June, 27th 2013, issued by Military Information Services.

As a part of the special constructions MEGA S.A. completed the following tasks:


Description Duration

2NB 15009  

Development of the Waterfront MP 77 for unloading (ammunition) and 
repair of the damages in the Naval Base in Swinoujście


2NB 15002

2NB 15003

Development of the existing structural Quay 'Oksywie' for
unloading purposes - fuel and ammunition


2NB 15004

Classified information


2NB 15005

Development of the power supply system of Naval Base in Gdynia


2NB 15006

Heliport close to the Quay 'Oksywie'


2NB 14029

2nd stage of power supply system modernization in Świnoujście

NATO MEGA S.A. has been assigned code NCAGE No. 0693H, under which it has been entered in the NATO Codification System.

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